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Study Articles : Improving concentration and memory for study


If you wish to improve your concentration and memory for study, than I would advise you to look at your “study hygiene patterns” as well as your motivation.
Where to Study
Is your usual ´study environment´ full of distractions e.g. the telephone, video games, TV set, friends down the hall. Have you noticed that lying down on the bed to study turns into an hour long nap? If you want to improve your concentration and efficiency as a student, develop a place to study that is less distractive and more supportive - a place where you go to work on academics. Experiment with what works best for you instead of sticking with the same old habits, which clearly are not working for you.
How to study
Each college or university has slightly different requirements for their students; therefore spending some time on finding out about these individual criteria is worth it.
  • Study in chunks: 20-50 minute time periods followed by a brief break (5-10 minutes) is the most effective way to study
  • Use daylight hours: an hour of studying during the day is worth two at night! Do the work that requires the most concentration (typically reading) earliest in the day.
  • Study actively: ask yourself questions, review your notes regularly, discuss key concepts with peers and course professor/lecturers
Concentration and Memory
In order to combat forgetfulness, you need to review course material regularly and purposefully. I guess you have heard this wisdom before, however it is not just about revising on regular basis, but it is more about enjoying the process of learning. Providing that you keep your hunger for knowledge alive then you will learn with relative ease and enthusiasm. Relaxation techniques can help you maintain more rational and anxiety free mind set and as a consequence you will concentrate and memories any knowledge quite effortlessly.

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