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Work Articles : Managing conflicts at work


What are the signs of conflict?
The sooner you see the signs, the sooner you can intervene and resolve the problem
Who is in conflict?
This question is easy to answer if you have a good relationship with your employees. Do you communicate well with your boss, or do you have to rely on guessing what he/she thinks and feels?
What is causing conflict?
The real causes of conflict can be deep seated. Once you have identified the cause you may have to distinguish between someone´s ´position´ — what they want — and their ´interests´ — why they want something.
How do you manage conflict?
Do you discuss your options with someone who understands your situation and then you take an action or do you tend to avoid any conflicts skirting round difficult issues or taking “a head in the sand” attitude?
Do you need help?
To end conflict someone — and, often, more than one person — has to change the way they behave. You may need skilled help to achieve this. Not everyone is equipped with the right tool kit for tackling conflicts, but it is never too late to learn new tricks in the world of communication.

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