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Testimonial from an Anxiety UK client

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I have to start by saying that the CBT I received from Jana was fantastic and so enlightening and changed my perception and mindset when it came to anxiety and the vicious cycle I had developed when I turned 25


When I first spoke with Jana, we discussed the option of conducting the therapy sessions over the phone rather than face to face over the course of the treatment. I was skeptical at first as I always thought of therapy sessions being conducted face to face but I was prepared to give it go. Right the way through the CBT sessions I never looked back and I got all the information and level of detail I required.


Other benefits I can list are each session always lasted for the full hour and always from the comfort from my home. Jana was always flexible with the timings which I know you wouldn’t get from the traditional face to face sessions. I built a good relationship with Jana and this put me at ease and I could really open up and this was achieved all from the telephone.


All in all, I am over the moon with the progress I made and I now have the balance back when it comes to managing anxiety and this was down to the techniques developed with Jana via telephone CBT.





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Phobia of escalators
Helen E., housewife from Guildford

“For 15-20 years I suffered from an absolute phobia for escalators. Already immediately after my first session with Jana I was able to take the tube home. Although I was still very apprehensive I discovered that if I concentrated well before taking an escalator I would do well. In the two weeks after my session I forced myself to use every opportunity to practise, so I quickly gained the necessary confidence. Now, after just two sessions I am using escalators wherever I can, I no longer avoid them and even take the most challenging I never thought I would see again.”

Weight loss
Tracey C., from London

“At the start of the new year I decided to undertake hypnosis after having read an article about how it helped a woman lose weight. I had decided that enough was enough with the way that I consumed chocolate and I definitely needed to take action with losing weight. I certainly had a concerns at the start as I’m sure most people do, but was ready to do this. Since my first session I have not had, craved or binged on chocolate. It is 5 weeks later and I don’t want or need it. I also have a steady weight loss and people have started to notice and compliment me on this.
I would definitely recommend hypnosis and have already done so to my family. It worked for me and it will certainly work for others too.”

Susan, PA from London

“Hello Jana, just to let you know that we had success last week and I overcame my weakness. I feel I can fully use the skills now that I learnt in your sessions. Thank you so much for your help! It took a while but I am finally over it.”

“Smoking cessation”
Brian from London

“I had an Appointment with Jana on 23 June 2010 for smoking cessation and i haven’t smoked since. I tried everything you could get over the shelf to give them up but could never do so because the craving would always get the better of me after one or two days so I just gave up in trying to give up over 10 years ago. I thank my lucky stars for coming in contact with her. What i found best was i just had absolutely no craving to smoke and could talk to people without having to puff from a cigarette..”




Authorised by Sarah, physiotherapist from London

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I found the sessions with you incredibly helpful and enlightening.
I feel from finishing the sessions I have noticed a big change in both my behaviour and reaction to events/ situations for the better.
I am much calmer in general especially when unexpected circumstances/ events arise and deal with them in a logical and more rational manner.
People/ friends have even commented that I appear happier/ less anxious and stressed and some have even commented on my words of wisdom/ advice that I have been giving them when discussing issues they have which has further confirmed how far I’ve come.
Im taking life a lot less seriously and just embracing/ enjoying all the new experiences/ opportunites I have and not weighing myself down with looking at the ‘what if’s’ and the future too much. Im looking at life in a much more positive way and am more understanding to the behaviour/ actions of others.
Initially when I contacted you I didnt know much about Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and I thought it was a case of a few hypnotherapy sessions and all my problems would disappear. Im really pleased the sessions took a much more cognitive behavioural approach as without true understanding of my behaviour/ reasoning long lasting effects wouldnt take place.

The book that you recommended in the first session helped me a lot to understanding my behaviour and helped me to understand the route causes to my problems. I can honestly say that you & the book came at just the right time and Im glad that I have also taken the time to deal with underlying problems I’ve had for many years.

Im so very grateful for your help and cannot thank you enough.
Am sure to be in touch again.





Rational Emotive-Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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I have enjoyed a few initial lectures of a new master course I have embarked on in October. RE-CBT course will provide me with greater depth of this particular school of therapy created by Albert Ellis. This course is a logical continuation from my previous diploma course – Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy (CCBH) which I finished in October last year.

Albert Ellis (1913-2007) first developed Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) in 1955 regarding it as a philosophy of life which would help to address the issues by which people unwittingly disturbed themselves. He identified that it was ‘irrational thoughts’, underpinned by rigid, inflexible beliefs, which were at the root of their disturbance. The underlying concept is based on his vast reading of key philosophers (Ellis, 2005) and in particular the teachings of the Greek philosopher Epictetus that: ‘people are not disturbed by events but by the view they hold about them’. (Joseph,2009)

This particular model of therapy will suit those of you who believe that our cognitions, emotions and behaviours can be challenged and consequently changed to more rational, flexible as well as hopeful counterparts that will allow you to reach healthy and sustainable goals.




Light Centre Belgravia Summer Open Day – 20th of August 11

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Saturday 20th of August, 12 noon to 10pm

Experience all the delights of London’s Top Alternative Health Centre
1.15pm – Free Pilates Class 2.30pm – Free Yoga class
4.00pm – Live music and acts 7.00pm – Barefoot Boogie

Massages Physical Therapy Refloxology Stress Management
Acupunture Hypnotherapy Craniosacral Therapy Grinberg Method

– Demos and Tours of the Pilates Equpiment Studio
– Demos and Tours of the Natural Fitness Studio
– Nutrition and Detoxing advice
– Chill Out Area
– Food and Drink
– Dancing

*Just make any donation towards Light Centre’s suistainability projects

Plus, Introducing: Sustainability Talks and Discussions

The Light Centre, 9 Eccleston st., Belgravia, London, SW1W 9LX
www.lightcentre.com Tel: 0207 881 0728




“If I can do it than anyone can!” says… my ex client Vicki

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Hi Jana

Have had some excellent progress this year. Both me and my partner have collectively lost nearly 6 stone between us. My loss was 3st 11lb and am currently a size 10 and weighing 10st 11. I go to the gym regularly and eat normally and haven’t felt as good as this for a long time! Am so pleased I shifted all that weight and quickly because it’s given me huge motivation to continue.
I think all of the mind work has really helped because I have the ability to say no now – because I see and have something better I am so much more able to say no. Not only have I fitted into jeans but also skinny jeans – it’s incredible. I’ll send you a photo of me at Ascot last week – people I’ve known for 2 years didn’t recognise me. It’s wonderful!!!!!


(authorised by Vicki on 13/7/2011)




CBH for Insomnia problems

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I have suffered from insomnia for many years and have tried numerous techniques and remedies without much success. A friend suggested I try hypnotherapy so I went ahead and arranged a series of appointments. I was more than a little sceptical at first, but was determined to give it a really good try. By the third session I was delighted to report to the therapist that I was now managing to get a good couple of hours of sleep most nights. It has been over two months since my first session and although I still have the odd bad night I now enjoy a better sleeping pattern than I have for many years. I know that I will have to continue using the self hypnosis technique for some time yet, but at least I am on the right track.

Trish, London




Dealing with procrastination

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I went to Jana as an ugly duckling. I am now a beautiful swan!! I initially got in contact with Jana to have some hypnotherapy to solve my problem of procrastination to speed up my essay writing whilst doing an MSc. Just talking to Jana however made me realise what insight she has into human nature and I asked her if she would just talk through a few issues I have which were most probably the cause of the procrastination. Some sessions later I had faced many other problems I had including a sense of inferiority, lack of control over my life and quite a bit of unhappiness and loneliness amongst other things. Jana managed to get all these issues into perspective and give me some techniques on how to solve them, with amazing results. If anyone can help you get on track with anything I really do believe Jana can. She is brilliant!

by Appia




Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) versus Psychodynamic therapy (PT)

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Goal Specific – CBT is particularly good for specific goals and it works more effectively with clients who can appreciate more directive as well as self-investigative style of the therapy, particularly outside of the session. Assignments are an important part of CBT and clients are encouraged throughout the therapy to challenge their thoughts, behaviours and emotions in order to gain more effective outlook regarding the objective of the therapy. The general and specific responsibilities connected to the client’s beliefs are also discussed in the first stage of the therapy.
Client Adaptation – I have learnt from my own private practice that some people find CBT techniques helpful, others dislike it, feeling they are being talked out of their emotions. Some find that CBT’s focus on rational thinking feels too inhuman to them, minimizing the importance of their personal history.
Some PT, but also CBT clients find it difficult to accept that factors outside of their awareness influence their thoughts and behaviours. Others are reluctant to think about their childhood or the relationship that develops with their therapist. PT is less structured than CBT and some prefer the more focused and directive approach of CBT therapies.
One powerful aspect of PT is that a client’s (unconscious) conflicts that are causing problems in their everyday life and relationships emerge in the therapy relationship itself.
Treatment of Specific Conditions – PT is particularly good for dealing with general distress, psychosomatic conditions, and personality patterns or tendencies, such as repeated difficulties in one’s work or relationships.
Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) as a form of CBT therapy which is taking into consideration a client’s healthy and unhealthy emotions and the focus is not so much on a more positive way of thinking, rather a more rational/flexible outlook, which in turn will lead to healthier emotions.
Personally, I prefer the model of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, as I appreciate the benefits of a more structured therapy session, which focuses on the present rather than the past.
Many of my clients can also identify with the philosophical context of the therapy, which clarifies the roles and importance of personal responsibility, fallibility and self-interest. I also believe that the preparation of the client for the worst, but hoping for the best is a very important motto which most people can relate to once they achieve more rational outlook on life throughout the therapy. This philosophy underpins the whole REBT School of Psychology. That being said, I also recognise that an effective relationship between the therapist and client is the stepping stone to self-discovery and re-learning, therefore the rapport building is a very important process. That said, I appreciate the theory of transference and contra-transference derived from the psychodynamic school of therapy, as well as the inevitable impact our history has on our current mental state.




Testimonial from one of my cardio-vascular patients

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This testimonial has been sent to me today from one of my inspirational patients who I had been seeing at The Brompton hospital, London.

I was initially very skeptical about the idea of hypnotherapy but decided that I wouldn’t have lost anything by meeting Jana. At that time, I was feeling very angry about my health and the limitations that it put on me, and found it extremely difficult to even walk into the hospital, let alone attend appointments.
However, I have been pleasantly surprised at how hypnotherapy has helped me see things differently. I am now much calmer and less ‘angry’ when it comes to discussing my health and my family have commented on the fact that I appear to be much more accepting of what the doctors say.
I would say that sub-consciously, the hypnotherapy has helped me enormously. With Jana’s support I have been able to open my mind and look at things from lots of different angles, as well as recognising the impact unhelpful negative thoughts can have on the mind.


Thank you very much for sharing your personal experience with clinical hypnotherapy at The Brompton hospital.
I hope that more cardio-vascular patients will get inspired to hear more about the benefits of not just clinical hypnotherapy, but some other schools of psychology.


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