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“If I can do it than anyone can!” says… my ex client Vicki

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Hi Jana

Have had some excellent progress this year. Both me and my partner have collectively lost nearly 6 stone between us. My loss was 3st 11lb and am currently a size 10 and weighing 10st 11. I go to the gym regularly and eat normally and haven’t felt as good as this for a long time! Am so pleased I shifted all that weight and quickly because it’s given me huge motivation to continue.
I think all of the mind work has really helped because I have the ability to say no now – because I see and have something better I am so much more able to say no. Not only have I fitted into jeans but also skinny jeans – it’s incredible. I’ll send you a photo of me at Ascot last week – people I’ve known for 2 years didn’t recognise me. It’s wonderful!!!!!


(authorised by Vicki on 13/7/2011)

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