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Phobia of escalators
Helen E., housewife from Guildford

“For 15-20 years I suffered from an absolute phobia for escalators. Already immediately after my first session with Jana I was able to take the tube home. Although I was still very apprehensive I discovered that if I concentrated well before taking an escalator I would do well. In the two weeks after my session I forced myself to use every opportunity to practise, so I quickly gained the necessary confidence. Now, after just two sessions I am using escalators wherever I can, I no longer avoid them and even take the most challenging I never thought I would see again.”

Weight loss
Tracey C., from London

“At the start of the new year I decided to undertake hypnosis after having read an article about how it helped a woman lose weight. I had decided that enough was enough with the way that I consumed chocolate and I definitely needed to take action with losing weight. I certainly had a concerns at the start as I’m sure most people do, but was ready to do this. Since my first session I have not had, craved or binged on chocolate. It is 5 weeks later and I don’t want or need it. I also have a steady weight loss and people have started to notice and compliment me on this.
I would definitely recommend hypnosis and have already done so to my family. It worked for me and it will certainly work for others too.”

Susan, PA from London

“Hello Jana, just to let you know that we had success last week and I overcame my weakness. I feel I can fully use the skills now that I learnt in your sessions. Thank you so much for your help! It took a while but I am finally over it.”

“Smoking cessation”
Brian from London

“I had an Appointment with Jana on 23 June 2010 for smoking cessation and i haven’t smoked since. I tried everything you could get over the shelf to give them up but could never do so because the craving would always get the better of me after one or two days so I just gave up in trying to give up over 10 years ago. I thank my lucky stars for coming in contact with her. What i found best was i just had absolutely no craving to smoke and could talk to people without having to puff from a cigarette..”

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