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Rational Emotive-Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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I have enjoyed a few initial lectures of a new master course I have embarked on in October. RE-CBT course will provide me with greater depth of this particular school of therapy created by Albert Ellis. This course is a logical continuation from my previous diploma course – Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy (CCBH) which I finished in October last year.

Albert Ellis (1913-2007) first developed Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) in 1955 regarding it as a philosophy of life which would help to address the issues by which people unwittingly disturbed themselves. He identified that it was ‘irrational thoughts’, underpinned by rigid, inflexible beliefs, which were at the root of their disturbance. The underlying concept is based on his vast reading of key philosophers (Ellis, 2005) and in particular the teachings of the Greek philosopher Epictetus that: ‘people are not disturbed by events but by the view they hold about them’. (Joseph,2009)

This particular model of therapy will suit those of you who believe that our cognitions, emotions and behaviours can be challenged and consequently changed to more rational, flexible as well as hopeful counterparts that will allow you to reach healthy and sustainable goals.

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