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Authorised by Sarah, physiotherapist from London

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I found the sessions with you incredibly helpful and enlightening.
I feel from finishing the sessions I have noticed a big change in both my behaviour and reaction to events/ situations for the better.
I am much calmer in general especially when unexpected circumstances/ events arise and deal with them in a logical and more rational manner.
People/ friends have even commented that I appear happier/ less anxious and stressed and some have even commented on my words of wisdom/ advice that I have been giving them when discussing issues they have which has further confirmed how far I’ve come.
Im taking life a lot less seriously and just embracing/ enjoying all the new experiences/ opportunites I have and not weighing myself down with looking at the ‘what if’s’ and the future too much. Im looking at life in a much more positive way and am more understanding to the behaviour/ actions of others.
Initially when I contacted you I didnt know much about Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and I thought it was a case of a few hypnotherapy sessions and all my problems would disappear. Im really pleased the sessions took a much more cognitive behavioural approach as without true understanding of my behaviour/ reasoning long lasting effects wouldnt take place.

The book that you recommended in the first session helped me a lot to understanding my behaviour and helped me to understand the route causes to my problems. I can honestly say that you & the book came at just the right time and Im glad that I have also taken the time to deal with underlying problems I’ve had for many years.

Im so very grateful for your help and cannot thank you enough.
Am sure to be in touch again.


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