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Testimonial from an Anxiety UK client

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I have to start by saying that the CBT I received from Jana was fantastic and so enlightening and changed my perception and mindset when it came to anxiety and the vicious cycle I had developed when I turned 25

When I first spoke with Jana, we discussed the option of conducting the therapy sessions over the phone rather than face to face over the course of the treatment. I was skeptical at first as I always thought of therapy sessions being conducted face to face but I was prepared to give it go. Right the way through the CBT sessions I never looked back and I got all the information and level of detail I required.


Other benefits I can list are each session always lasted for the full hour and always from the comfort from my home. Jana was always flexible with the timings which I know you wouldn’t get from the traditional face to face sessions. I built a good relationship with Jana and this put me at ease and I could really open up and this was achieved all from the telephone.


All in all, I am over the moon with the progress I made and I now have the balance back when it comes to managing anxiety and this was down to the techniques developed with Jana via telephone CBT.

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