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Testimonial from one of my cardio-vascular patients

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This testimonial has been sent to me today from one of my inspirational patients who I had been seeing at The Brompton hospital, London.

I was initially very skeptical about the idea of hypnotherapy but decided that I wouldn’t have lost anything by meeting Jana. At that time, I was feeling very angry about my health and the limitations that it put on me, and found it extremely difficult to even walk into the hospital, let alone attend appointments.
However, I have been pleasantly surprised at how hypnotherapy has helped me see things differently. I am now much calmer and less ‘angry’ when it comes to discussing my health and my family have commented on the fact that I appear to be much more accepting of what the doctors say.
I would say that sub-consciously, the hypnotherapy has helped me enormously. With Jana’s support I have been able to open my mind and look at things from lots of different angles, as well as recognising the impact unhelpful negative thoughts can have on the mind.


Thank you very much for sharing your personal experience with clinical hypnotherapy at The Brompton hospital.
I hope that more cardio-vascular patients will get inspired to hear more about the benefits of not just clinical hypnotherapy, but some other schools of psychology.

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