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Welcome to the world of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Welcome to the world of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Clinical hypnotherapy uses relaxation for the treatment of psychologically based issues. A clinical hypnotherapist, like your doctor, is bound by ethical and moral codes, including confidentiality.

The Clinical Applications of Hypnosis
Clinical Hypnotherapy is a goal orientated practice and the benefits of a successful course of therapy are often longer lasting than some conventional treatments, e.g. use of nicotine patches to cure smoking additions.
Also hypnotherapy can enable you to gain control over your unconscious, but also conscious thoughts, feelings and behaviour, which will manifest in your ability for self-healing.
I can help you with:

  • Pain Control – pre and post operative state, dentistry, childbirth, period pains, arthritic and muscular pain
  • Weight control- eating disorders, overeating etc
  • Sexual Problems – premature ejaculation and frigidity
  • Relationship issues – parenting, divorce, redundancy, affairs, death of a partner etc
  • Improving concentration and memory for study or sports performance- performance anxiety, sport performance enhancement
  • Habit breaking – smoking, excessive drinking, nail biting
  • Emotional issues – phobias, compulsions, insomnia-sleeping problems, anxieties, self confidence, guilt, jealousy, anger, self-damning etc
  • Removal of feelings of stress and tensions caused by everyday life

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