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Why CBH can be successful in helping cardiovascular patients?

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Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy (CBH) can help to decrease anxiety, reactive depression, generalised fears, phobias, unhealthy lifestyle habits and relationship issues.

The use of CBH is becoming a much more popular and recognised way in which patients can overcome and rationalise their concerns. Success in the use of CBH for treating pre and post-surgery anxieties has been widely scientifically documented and verified.

CBH can assist with an examination of healthy and unhealthy negative beliefs, which can be adjusted to patients’ advantage. Healthy negative beliefs i.e. rational, flexible, logical and accepting beliefs are strengthened and the unhealthy negative beliefs i.e. irrational, inflexible, dogmatic beliefs are weakened throughout the therapy.

Services offered to the patients at the Royal Brompton Hospital in Chelsea
• Teaching self-hypnosis and cognitive behavioural techniques as a tool for tackling anxiety, phobias, fear, unhealthy lifestyle habits or nervousness.

• Using both hypnosis and counselling skills to address the patient’s lifestyle and challenging their healthy and unhealthy negative beliefs/habits regarding their health.

• Promotion of relaxation (with and without hypnosis) to improve the patient’s frame of mind. This can improve pain threshold levels, stress management, and the patient’s ability to heal faster after the surgery.

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